Saturday, January 26, 2013

Essential EGL+Batch - Installing EDT on Linux

Essential EGL+Batch - Installing EDT on Linux is now available on my YouTube channel. In this lesson, we download and install EGL Development Tools version 0.8.2 on Linux 32-bit.

While I am featuring OpenSUSE Linux version 11.1 in this video, it applies to Linux in general.

Essential EGL+Batch is a video series featuring EGL Development Tools (EDT) version 0.8.


Welcome to Essential EGL+Batch. This series features EGL Development Tools version 0.8. In this lesson, we’re going to (1) download and (2) install the EGL Development Tools on Linux. We’re going to assume that you have met the system requirements for EDT, such as a Java Runtime Environment version 6 or greater.
What you want to do is to open your favorite web browser and in the location field you want to type in www dot eclipse dot org, which brings you to the main page. And then, you want to select projects, And then, you want to select the list of all projects. Now, there’s a lot of projects at the eclipse dot org web site. We want to go to the section on tools, we want to find the section on tools and then select the EGL Development Tools.
EGL Development Tools enables you to bring up an EGL+Batch environment.
Now, on the EGL Development Tools page, we want to go to Downloads. And then, on the Downloads page, we’ll scroll down and we’re looking for the all-in-one package for our platform. And in this case, we’ll be installing EGL Development Tools on Linux 32-bit.
We click on that link and it brings us to a page where we want to find a mirror that’s close to our location on the Internet. And my favorite mirror is the Georgia Tech Software Library because I’m located near Georgia Tech. We want to save the file.
This file downloads in about six minutes on my computer. I sped that up so you don’t have to wait for six minutes of video.
So the download is complete. The name of the file is eglweb hyphen zero eight two hyphen linux hyphen gtk dot tar dot gz.
Now, to be able to use a GZ-compressed TAR-compatible archive, we want to uncompress and unarchive it. From a command line, I’ll create a new directory called “egl web”. I’ll use the tar command with the X, V, Z and F options to uncompress and unarchive the file.
There! With the file uncompressed and unarchived, I need to switch to the superuser to make the EGL Development Tools available for all users. So, I’m going to change directories to slash opt slash eclipse dot org. I’m going to use the move command  to change the name of the eclipse directory to eglweb. Now, if I go into eglweb what I’m looking for is the eclipse command and there it is.
So, now, I can go back to my account. And, I’ll switch to slash opt slash eclipse dot org slash eglweb. And, I’ll start Eclipse with dot slash eclipse. And, that starts the EGL Development Tools.
I’ll accept the default directory by pressing the OK button.
This has been another lesson in the series Essential EGL Batch. Thanks for watching!

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