Friday, February 8, 2013

Making a tutorial video in five steps

What steps are used to make a tutorial video? I make a video in the following order.

  1. Gather the video clips. Some of the video clips are found in my personal video library; some must be created. During this part of video production, I must identify and gather together all of the video clips that I want to use in my video. When I forget a clip, it takes extra time to stop editing and switch back to setting up to create a clip.
  2. Assemble a rough edit for the video. I put the video clips together, working to arrange clips in a logical order. Sometimes, the order is dictated by the procedure used in a tutorial. Sometimes, the order must be discovered during the editing process. I work to eliminate for wasted frames, frames that have no action or frames that waste time, such as watching a six minute download.
  3. Capture the audio. I have a USB headset for capturing audio. Once the rough editing is completed, I write (or outline) dialog for the clip. On a good day, I play the video while I capture audio. On a bad day, I read the dialog from a script and edit the video to match the audio, rather than edit the audio to match the video.
  4. Add the audio to the video. With the audio track completed, I add the audio to the video. I playback the video to make sure that the video and audio are in sync, so that key words go with key frames.
  5. Export the video to a format compatible with the target distribution, such as YouTube.

As you can see, I did not include the many research and development steps that precede the actual making of a tutorial video.
  1. Proposing a video topic.
  2. Selection of a video topic.
  3. Research on a selected video topic, including reading and viewing similar presentations in books, articles, tutorials and other videos.
  4. Purchasing, downloading and installing tools for a software tutorial.
  5. Development and testing of working application for a software tutorial.
  6. Outline of steps in presentation.
  7. Practice video/audio capture.
What is the most important step? Choose a tutorial video as the best way to present information. Choose to learn all of the skills needed to make a video, such as video capture, audio capture, video editing and export. Take action.

Thanks for listening!

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