Tuesday, December 17, 2013

cjos Command in OSGi

From the osgi> prompt, the cjos command is the entry point to CjOS (the C++/Java Operating System). What can you do with the cjos command?

Any CjOS command
At a CjOS prompt, you can run any CjOS command without the cjos prefix. To embed CjOS in OSGi, without clashing with any existing OSGi command, we've implemented the cjos command as a prefix. The console for a CjOS command is redirected to the OSGi console.

ub command
osgi> cjos ub

The ub command is an entry point for the command-line Universal Browser. This browser uses the Smart API to resolve a URI. To run the browser in OSGi, use the cjos prefix.

For more information on available schemes, see also the JOS Technical Edition.

osgi> cjos ub controller:resource:

This specification displays additional information about the resource: controller. A controller is a Java class; it implements one or more schemes.

smartlist command
osgi> cjos smartlist

The smartlist command displays a list of active schemes in Smart API. To run this command in OSGi, use the cjos prefix.

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