Monday, March 6, 2017

Essential OSGi Animated Video Series

In my book, Essential OSGi, I'm using Blender to build pictures of difficult concepts. For example, I'm using physics simulation built into Blender to get a picture. Behind the scenes, I see the 3D animation as a movie. My book only includes one frame as a picture. I'd like to illustrate how things change over time, which is something difficult for me to do in a written presentation. It's kind of a technical 3D animation with Blender.
To illustrate the concept of a JAR in Java, there's nothing better than a glass or plastic jar from the non-technical world. Just as you add classes to a JAR in Java, you can add something to a jar in Blender. With animation, I can illustrate how a JAR changes over time.
Other concepts
How do I illustrate a class? a package? a module? a class library? How do I illustrate using revolution as a software development strategy? using evolution as a software development strategy?
Plus, modules have been used outside of the Java world. Software has been maintained outside of the Java world.
I continue to work toward posting the original 3D animation used to produce the picture in my book.

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